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Five great sacred places for good luck,

Myoko's Four Seasons



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Thank you for visiting our homepage.

Ryokan Tabataya is a traditional Japanese-style hotel located at the foot of Mount Myoko.

We have pick-up service from the Nagano and Joetsu Myoko train stations.

We were established in 1905, so it has been 115 almost years since we have been providing our warm hospitality to the public.

We are providing our customers with a relaxing and at home cozy atmosphere.

You can enjoy the authentic experience of staying at a Japanese country-style inn while being one of our guests.

Welcome to Tabataya!


We, three generations of (madams) all welcome you with our warm and heartfelt hospitality.

For lots of info on all the amazing places you can visit in Myoko, please check the Myoko City website.Welcome to Tabataya.

​                                                okami.  Hiroe KATO

Five great sacred places for good luck,

good fortune and marriage.

1.Mt Myoko 妙高山


Mt Myoko called Mt Sumeru that is considered in Buddhism as the mountain located at the center of the world. The god of Mt Myoko is Bishamonten. It also has the Sanskrit name of TAMONTEN which is the name of the guardian of the north for Buddha and Buddhism. He looks very warlike, but in fact, if we look carefully, he carries no really effective offensive weapon. His job was defense only, against the devils and evil sprits that might attack Buddha and Buddhism.

He is very strong and gentle god who are watching over everyone with tender loving care.


〇Main profit

・ Prosperous business

・ Improvement of money luck

・ Improved game luck

・ Warding off devils


* Mt Myoko is very close to Tabataya.

2.Mt Kurohime 黒姫山


The god of Mt Kurohime ” is Benzaiten. She is a Japanese Buddhist goddess who originated from the Hindu goddess Saraswati.

“Kurohime Benzaiten” is the ally of women, the god of love and beauty.


〇Main profit

・ Money fortune / goods rise

・ Improving skills of performing arts and music

・ Love fulfillment


* About 10 minutes by car from Tabataya.

3.Mt Togakushi 戸隠山


Mt Togakushi is a sacred mountain, said to have taken its current shape when Amano-Iwato, the Cave of the Sun Goddess, fell to Earth in ancient times of myth.

The god of Togakushi is the most powerful “Kuzuryu Daijin” in Japan.

“Kuzuryu Okami” is a dragon god who protects the peace and well-being of the world.


〇Main profit

・ Give great power.

・ Achieving a large application

・ Business success

・ Marriage


* About 30 minutes drive from Tabataya.

4.Mt Iizuna 飯縄山


Mt Iizuna also known as Mt Izuna. The god of Mt Iizuna is Izuna Gongen. The god of Takaoyama Yakuoin(Hachioji-city,Tokyo) is the first to appear here.

“Izuna Gongen” is a god who realizes his desires and improves his luck.


〇Main profit

・ Achievement

・ Increased game luck

・ Evil spirit withdrawal


* About 30-minute drive from Tabataya.

5.Zenkoji 善光寺

AdobeStock_83900227 (1).jpeg

In Zenkoji, the Buddhist statue “Zenkoji Nyorai” that came when Buddhism was first introduced to Japan is enshrined.

The Emperor of the time would have placed the Buddha statue in the most sacred place in Japan.


〇Main profit

・ Completed application

・ Female relief

・ Going to paradise


* About 45-minute drive to Zenkoji Temple.

Myoko's Four Seasons



Spring is the season of flowers such as skunk cabbage,

And it is the season of mountain blessings and wild plants.

Warabi (a wild vegetable, bracken), a mainspring, aralia cordata, aralia sprout and alpein leek.

Please enjoy the seasonal luxury that can only be found at this time.



Myoko is a training camp Mecca loved by many prestigious teams, such as its cool climate, moderate undulating terrain, and a well-equipped gymnasium.

The summer of the plateau is a place where many young athletes gather and compete and train.

Myokodake, Yumemidaira is cool even in midsummer and is ideal for mountain climbing, hiking and summer vacation.



This is a season where many delicious foods are greeted all at once in the fruitful autumn.

New rice, new buckwheat, mushrooms, chestnuts, apples, grapes, strawberries, and rich natural gifts are waiting for you.

And don’t miss the spectacular autumn leaves season.



Snow Myoko white season (To page of Myoko City Tourism Association)

The winter of skiing, the birthplace of Japanese skiing, Myoko is the most lively season.

Perhaps this is the hottest season of the year.